LAPD Valet Parking Permit

LAPD Valet Parking Permit Law & Conditional Use Permit (CUP)

Does the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) of your business require that you use a valet parking service? If so, the City of Los Angeles is now aggressively enforcing a new law which became effective February 1, 2014 that requires a new LAPD valet parking permit.

“When they break the law, they’re going to have to actually pay for it. We’re going to hit them either in the pocketbook, or if people have criminal prosecutions, I think that will send a loud and clear message to all that this is unacceptable.” – Eric Garcetti

This new law requires the valet parking company, and its hired attendants, to obtain a permit if they will be driving or utilizing any portions of the public right of way including loading zones, sidewalks, or alley ways. This permit is granted by the LAPD Board of Commissioners office. The valet company must apply for a Valet Parking Operator (VPO) permit, while its hired drivers must apply for a Valet Parking Attendant (VPA) permit. If these permits are not active upon the inspection of the Los Angeles Police Department,  a citation may be issued to the valet parking company and/or its attendants. This citation may also force the valet company to shut down their operation, negatively impacting the business that they are providing the valet parking service for.

LAPD Valet Parking Permit | Los Angeles Valet Permit

How to Apply for a VPO Permit

If your business is impacted by this new ordinance and you need assistance in applying for the LAPD VPO permit, contact us today! We are able to provide you with the information and formalities needed for this application processing. Formalities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Attending meetings with the LAPD
  • Preparing the needed applications (VPO or VPA)
  • Obtaining the needed insurance
  • Preparing sketches of driving paths and submitting to the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) for approval

Our consultants have assisted numerous businesses and valet companies in obtaining the LAPD VPO permit. For more information on this consultation service, contact us online, or call our office at 818-662-8700.