Valet Parking

valet parking

The Benefits of Implementing Valet Parking

Valet parking service offers a number of benefits, including the incredible convenience factor. Guests do not have to walk from a far-off parking space, nor will handicapped guests stress over getting from lot to venue. Time management is a benefit as well, as guests won’t spend precious minutes searching for a parking spot.

Valet services are also very helpful during inclement weather, and provides the ability to pack more vehicles into a given space, i.e. “stack parking”. The valet can park vehicles two or more deep and move them as necessary, as he or she holds the keys.

Lane Stacking

“Lane stacking” is another option utilized by valet attendants, which is helpful during events where guests arrive at the same time, such as a wedding or other similar special event. Lane stacking keeps the lane of oncoming traffic moving forward so guests may avoid long valet service wait times. Stacking is done by appointing one or two of the valets as “stackers” who move each car up about 50 feet and ready them for quick “takeaway” by returning valets. This procedure is repeated until all vehicles are parked.

What is another benefit of valet parking? Valets park vehicles closer and straighter than some guests. This saves parking lot or garage space, and avoids the inconvenience of “cramming” and having to go to different floors.

Industry Experience Recommended

Choosing the right valet parking company is critical. The staff must be knowledgeable about nearly every make and model of car under our sun, which includes quirks such as keyless ignition vehicles and aftermarket alarm systems. Experience is also a factor as the company must outline and implement parking strategies that handle the expected number of cars and guests. The valet company delegates various tasks among its team of greeters, stackers, and parkers. Shuttle services for valets working larger venues are occasionally provided to shorten vehicle return time following the event’s end.

When searching for a valet parking service, one should review the following:

  • Garage keeper’s legal liability insurance
  • State approved worker’s compensation insurance
  • All applicable permits including the LAPD valet parking permit (if so required)
  • Certificate of insurance for the property owner and/or the property management company

Do You Need Valet Parking Services?

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